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Get Kreem-ed in Palm Springs

Palm Springs has many mouth-watering cafes, restaurants, and eateries to choose from. There are several options that offer amazing dishes for any meal you’re craving, as well as something to satisfy your sweet tooth or start your day with quality coffee. Kreem is one such place that you are sure to love during your stay in the area! You can find this fantastic coffee and ice cream shop in Palm Springs at 170 East Palm Canyon Dr., open Wed-Sun 12 pm-8 pm. They are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.


Kreem serves delicious brews of Heart coffees. Beans are sourced from the best plants in Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, and Mexico. They choose beans at the peak time of each bean’s growing season for optimum taste and flavor. They then process and brew these premium beans into the delicious coffee drinks you’ll enjoy.

Ice Cream

“We Scream for Ice Kreem!” Kreem is a small-batch creamery and proudly hand-makes all of its ice creams in-house. Starting with organic, natural ingredients, there are no GMOs, preservatives, or additives in any of their flavors. Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, there’s something for you. There are several vegan-friendly offerings, including coconut-based ice creams and all-natural seasonal sorbets. They even make their almond milk, so you can be sure everything is clean, fresh, and flavorful! The menu changes daily, so you’ll be able to taste a new flavor every day. There are several unique and classic flavors you won’t want to miss.


There are some flavors the staff at Kreem just can’t get enough of! Lemon Meringue Pie is a lemon-based ice cream with toasted marshmallows and bits of shortbread cookies, while the delicious Vanilla Bean speaks for itself. Try Cookies & Kreem – traditional vanilla with chocolate/cream-filled cookies everyone loves. For something different, and an alternative to iced coffee, the Decaf flavor has you covered. The flavor specialists at Kreem added decaf coffee from their Heart Roasters blend for a unique taste coffee-lovers everywhere will want. For an interesting spin, try a scoop of rosemary. They add fresh rosemary to an ice cream base for an outstanding and unique flavor.


Kreem values its vegan customers, too! Kreem provided sweet treats their vegan customers will love and enjoy that fit with their lifestyle. Stop in for a coconut latte coffee before your day’s adventures or to refuel. If you need to feed your sweet tooth, come in for Chocolate Cookie, Turmeric-Ginger, or Ube – a sweet purple yam with toasted vegan marshmallows!

Delectable Desserts in the Desert

Kreem is a mouth-watering way to enjoy some of the best ice cream Palm Springs has to offer. Make sure to stop in, but not before you get settled at your vacation rental provided by Hi-Desert Dwellings, where you can store it in the freezer of the fully equipped kitchen. Bring back your sweets to eat in the dining area or curled up in front of a flat screen TV for a movie. We have units as small as studio spaces, all the way up to five-bedroom homes where everyone can enjoy the flavors of Kreem. Choose a premium unit for extras like stainless steel appliances, a pool, hot tub, BBQ, and more. Ask us about rentals that allow your furry friend to beg for their own share of the meal.

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