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Joshua Tree, California is an amazing vacation destination year-round but there’s something particularly inviting about a summer getaway this direction. When you can’t wait to savor the sights and make the most of the seasonal fun, let this be your ultimate guide to an unforgettable stay at Joshua Tree in the summer!

Activities to Enjoy in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is an iconic place to explore with good reason and well worth your time to visit when you head this way in the summer. Not only is the terrain mesmerizing, but there’s always something new to discover when you know where to look. Whether you’re one for taking to the trails, exploring by vehicle or you can’t wait to make the most of the beauty of the summer evening hours, Joshua Tree National Park is packed with options for customized fun!

Trees in the Joshua Tree National Forest

Start with a Ranger-Led Program

If it’s your very first summer visiting scenic Joshua Tree National Park, participating in one of the many ranger-led chats or tours available is always a great idea! Not only do these events provide incredible insight into park specifics but it’s a good way to get idea for expanding your experiences within the park itself during your visit. While these ranger chats and tours change month by month, some of the most popular events include Key Ranch tours, guided hikes, and talks that cover everything from the wildlife that call Joshua Tree National Park home to the specifics on the trees that gave the park the name in the first place! No matter what even you decide to participate in, you’re sure to be in for an engaging and educational treat from start to finish. Ranger-led events tend to run anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half at a time.

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Take a Geology Tour Road Drive

It’s no secret that temperatures tend to soar in Joshua Tree over the summer months. That said, those intense temperatures don’t have to stop you from making the most of safe and exciting sightseeing opportunities in the park. When it’s too warm to walk, jump in your air-conditioned vehicle and consider taking a Geology Tour Road drive instead! This 18-mile route runs through the many dynamic landscapes that make up Joshua Tree National Park and offers up stunning views for tourists. Along the way, there are a variety of lookout points where you can pull over and take pictures and admire the view too. Those who choose to explore the entire length of Geology Tour Road will want to be sure to set aside around two hours total for the experience and will want to be sure they’re settled into a four-wheel drive vehicle in order to maneuver parts of the route that are a bit more demanding than most passenger vehicles would handle.

Explore Cottonwood Spring Oasis

Within Joshua Tree National Park, time spent exploring Cottonwood Spring Oasis this summer could end up being the highlight of your visit! The spring was originally formed in the earth due to earthquake activity and was subsequently used by the Cahuilla Indians for centuries afterwards. The spring sits just about seven miles from the south entrance to Joshua Spring National Park and is a captivating landmark to encounter where visitors have previously found artifacts of Cahuilla life in the area including ollas, clay pots and even bedrock mortars. The spring has also played a vital role in hydrating miners and prospectors through the years looking to make a living off of gold discoveries. For that reason, the spring also hosts the remains of old-fashioned gold mils which required a robust water supply for processing and can still be viewed to this day to some degree. Those who visit Cottonwood Spring Oasis in the summer who have a passion for birding will find that this is one of the absolute best places in the park to spot a variety of winged species. You really only need to take a seat, pull out the binoculars and give it a few minutes to land on an incredible variety of bird or two in the area! For a fun way to end the day, consider visiting Cottonwood Spring as evening closes in. This area is notorious for offering up some truly breathtaking sunset views if you stick around until the sun goes down. Participating in this part of the adventure comes with the added benefit of cooler evening temperatures to enjoy as well.

Visit Skull Rock

While Joshua Tree National Park is filled with iconic landmarks to explore, travelers visiting Joshua Tree in summer won’t want to miss out on seeing one of the most identifiable of them all while they’re in the area—Skull Rock. This incredible boulder is named for the human skull it resembles. It’s a highly accessible landmark within the park so even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, it’s easy to fit into your itinerary. While the boulder can be seen from some of the main park boulevards, those excited to get up a bit closer will find both the Jumbo Rocks Campground and the Live Oak Picnic Area to be great options to viewing. Many summer visitors with a Skull Rock stop on their to-do list head this way later in the day when the sun is lower in the sky, temperatures are more comfortable, and the contrasting colors makes for a great shadow display across the landmark. If you stick around long enough, you’ll likely find that plenty of visitors have stopped by specifically to enjoy stargazing from this destination as well!

Keep an Eye Open for Bighorn Sheep at Barker Dam

If you happen to be an early riser and you’re looking to start your day with time in Joshua Tree National Park at least one day this summer, heading to Barker Dam is a good place to begin your adventure. An early morning visit is a great time to get a possible glimpse of the Bighorn sheep that call this area home! Barker Dam also hosts a trail by the same name that provides a good path for viewing. It’s only a little over a mile long and enjoys minimal elevation changes. Within the span of an hour, it can be fully traversed and provide great access to incredible views. You’ll want to have your camera ready in case you do come across those inspiring wildlife moments!

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Hiking Fun

Many travelers with their sights set on a summer trip to Joshua Tree do so with every intention of setting aside time to lace up their boots and hit the trails in scenic style. While Joshua Tree has long been loved for its amazing landscapes that provide novice and experienced hikers alike with incredible routes to check out, summer is a season that demands a bit more planning when it comes to hiking adventures. That said, it’s still one of the most popular activities to enjoy this time of year, as long as you think and pack ahead with purpose. Summer in Joshua Tree is nothing less than hot. However, it’s worth planning a safe and exciting hike route for those who understand the challenges that await.

No matter what route you’re planning to hike in Joshua Tree this summer, you’ll want to be sure you’ve packed an impressive amount of sunscreen and water. There are areas along most hiking routes through and around Joshua Tree that ironically lack that tree shade you might expect in the name. That means it’s important and more often than not, vital that you are well protected from harsh rays and have packed enough water to stay hydrated both out and back along your route with extra to spare. It’s also important to keep in mind that cell service can be less than ideal in some of the more remote places throughout the park. This makes hiking in pairs and giving others a heads up on your trekking plans a must before hitting the trails. Also do keep in mind that in most cases, dogs aren’t allowed on Joshua Tree trails. This is a rule set up in the name of maintaining the integrity of the landscape. It goes hand-in-hand with leaving no trace of your adventures—a rule outdoor adventurers from near and far tend to hold dear with good reason.

In the event that even an early morning hike is accompanied by rising summer temperatures, setting your sights on manageable and short routes is always the best way to maximize the fun. The Cholla Cactus Garden Hike through Joshua Tree National Park is a great route to choose in this scenario. At just .25-miles long, this hike includes minimal elevation fluctuations and only requires 30-minutes to complete. It’s an easy route for hikers of all skill levels that runs along the eastern side of the park. Much as the name indicates, hikers will enjoy views of the iconic Cholla Cactus along the way! If you have some time to spare and temperatures are still in your favor, consider hiking the Hidden Valley Trail too. This route is a mile long and is also rated easy for hikers. The elevation change is only 100 feet, and it takes about an hour to complete in total. This is a popular route through Joshua Tree National Park in the summer that features inspiring desert scenery as well as massive boulders and options to spot reptiles scurrying around as well.

Amazing Restaurants to Discover

A trip to Joshua Tree in the summer is bound to come with a long list of outdoor activities travelers are excited to check off. However, it’s also inevitable that these activities will lead to impressive appetites to attend to! Fortunately, the Joshua Tree area is filled with fantastic and flavorful eateries to enjoy that are well-worth checking out while you’re in the area. Among them is Dillon’s Burgers & Beers. Located at 49574 Twentynine Palms Highway, Dillon’s burgers & Beers is a must when you’re looking to curb a craving or two. This restaurant sits within reach of Palm Springs within the town of Morongo Valley. It’s a laid-back burger joint where it’s easy to settle in, enjoy mountain views and make the most of menu options that range from veggie burgers and double cheeseburgers to chicken burgers and even bison burgers! No matter what you order up, you’re going to want to be sure to pair it with a side of fries and an ice-cold beer to match. Sides like the coleslaw and tater tots also come highly recommended.

The Red Dog Saloon is another savory and inviting options when you can’t wait to enjoy a delicious meal this summer. This cowboy-themed stop is found at 53539 Mane Street within the area known and loved as Pioneertown. While this destination once served as a Hell’s Angels biker bar, it now enjoys its southwest-infused vibe where guests will find an impressive listing of Tex-Mex selections to choose from and enjoy. Options here range from beef brisket tacos and fresh margaritas to chips and queso to go along with savory quesadillas just to name a few.

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Areas to Stay

A Joshua Tree summer adventure is something everyone should enjoy and when you’re looking for a nearby place to settle into while visiting, Yucca Valley is always inspiring. Just under seven miles from Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley is an inviting place to book a vacation rental at an elevation of 3,300 feet. This area is known for its beautiful desert terrain, starry evening skies and friendly atmosphere. It’s very much considered the gateway to Joshua Tree National Park, but also enjoys its own highlights to discover. Yucca Valley has a rich western history that it puts on display while also maintaining a thriving business scene that brings the area into the modern age flawlessly.

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When you’re looking for a luxurious and conveniently located vacation rental for your next Joshua Tree adventure, the team at Hi-Desert Dwellings has you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible property options and to start planning your summer vacation in California!

There’s nothing like a springtime trip to the desert—moderate temperatures, blooming cacti, and clear nighttime skies for stargazing are all hallmarks of this magical season, and it’s the perfect time to visit. Getting away for a springtime trip is always a relief. Besides having miles of national park to explore, you’ll find vibrant local dining, eclectic antique shops, and lots of relaxation, whether it’s kicking back in the hot tub at your vacation rental or dining out at brunch. With great weather and plenty of spring in Joshua Tree activities, it’s an ideal time to pay a visit to Joshua Tree and discover the magic that awaits. If you’ve been thinking about taking a spring vacation to Joshua Tree, California, then we’ve compiled some useful information for your trip!

Eat at a Spring Brunch Spot

Luckily our town of Joshua Tree is home to several brunch spots that you can reserve for a bit of daytime springtime festivities. The Crossroads Café is a popular spot in town for breakfast and brunch, in a welcoming, no-frills setting with a bit of rustic desert charm. Sit back with mimosas and eggs benedict for their weekend brunch special or try some south of the border flavors like Huevos Rancheros. Another popular option is The Natural Sisters Café, which serves up a variety of lunch and brunch dishes, in addition to homemade pie. Offering outdoor seating that’s perfect for springtime, this casual yet delicious spot serves up fresh pressed juices and smoothies as well! Other options include Country Kitchen, with a homecooked menu that even features vegan options, and Larry’s and Milt’s Western Café, serving up a variety of breakfast and lunch items in a casual setting.

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Explore Joshua Tree National Park

Of course, when you’re vacationing somewhere as gorgeous as Joshua Tree, the untouched beauty of that national park is right at your fingertips. Enjoy a spring sunrise traversing desert trails, and the morning taking in the sights with unbeatable views of the stunning desert landscape. The Discovery Trail offers an easy hike for kids and beginners, while the popular Panorama Loop offers lots of classic desert beauty. History buffs will love the Wall Street Mine Trail, where you can discover ruins from the gold-mining days and pass by the weathered remains of Wonderland Ranch. Be sure to keep an eye out for spring wildflowers and blooming cacti, such as cholla and beavertail cactus!

Half-Day Jeep Tour

For those who want to explore the more hidden areas of the park, consider the half-day Jeep tour of Joshua Tree National Park by Big Wheel Tours during your spring in Joshua Tree vacation. This tour takes you on a rugged, Jeep only trail that allows you to explore the plants and rock formations in this unique desert environment. It isn’t recommended for anyone with neck or back injuries or gets carsick easily as it will be a bumpy ride! Your tour includes the entry fees to the National Park, your transportation and guide, as well as snacks and bottled water. This tour lasts about 4 hours and is great for families visiting with children ages 6 and older. Don’t miss out on this jeep tour during your spring trip to Joshua Tree.

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Go Antiquing at Local Stores

The wild west is nothing without a few charming antique shops, and visitors to Joshua Tree will find quite a few that they can visit during a spring weekend. Whether it’s for a souvenir for someone back home, a holiday present, or a treat yourself outing, guests to the area will find antique shops offering everything from handmade furniture to vintage clothing spots. Try The Hoof and Horn and Funky and Darn Near New for clothing, and Pioneer Crossing Antiques for your typical antiquities. Route 62 Arts and Antiques in Yucca Valley is another honorable mention that you are sure to enjoy a stop at as well!

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Reserve Your Spring in Joshua Tree Vacation Rental with Hi-Desert Dwellings Today!

At Hi-Desert Dwellings, we’re true locals who aim to be a part of our Joshua Tree community, from hiring local to sourcing as many of our business needs as possible from local companies. We love our town and aim to share that love with you through our high-quality vacation rentals! When you reserve a vacation rental with us, we go above and beyond to ensure you have an unforgettable experience, from our personalized customer service to our local expertise. From offering helpful local suggestions and tips, to being available for any questions you may have, we offer a personal touch to your rental experience that we hope will make all the difference for your Joshua Tree vacation! If you’d like to learn more about our spring in Joshua Tree vacation rentals, feel free to give our friendly local team a call today!

Joshua Tree makes for a wonderful location for anyone looking to escape some of the intense winter cold and see the great outdoors for the holidays. Visiting a spot like this also helps make for a more private, relaxing Christmas, since you’ll be able to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city in favor of a more laid-back environment. With Joshua Tree National Park right on your doorstep, you’ll be able to get your fill of gorgeous views from your rental, and if you’re feeling up to it, you can also head out into the park itself to get your fill of hiking.

The town also loves getting into the holiday spirit. With Christmas in Joshua Tree dinners, photo opportunities with Santa, brunch events, and plenty more, you’ll be able to fill up your days with holiday cheer. When you’ve had your fill, your new home away from home will always be there waiting for you to unwind.

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Outdoor Activities

No matter what time of year you’re in town, Joshua Tree National Park offers the ideal outdoor environment for people who enjoy getting that lovely fresh air. While you’re visiting the area, you can’t miss out on these wonderful environments that are right at your fingertips.

Hiking trails are, of course, one of the main activities you can take part in while you’re here, and you’ll find that there are trails for adventurers of all skill levels. You’re free to go out on a casual nature walk on one of the easy, relaxing trails, or challenge yourself to a more vertical experience with some of the more intense loops. After all, with all of the holiday parties going on, staying active is the best way to keep yourself in shape.

Horseback riding tours are also great fun and can make for a good family activity if the kids are old enough to handle maneuvering their own horse. This is a great way to treat yourself to all of the scenic views without having to put in the legwork of a hike, and guided tours will take you to some of the best viewing locations around.

Stargazing is also a very popular activity in the area, and you’ll be able to partake in it on any of your nightly outings. When you’re in the park area, the clear views of the open sky are common, and you can also just take a scenic drive to one of the many different viewing areas. If you enjoy the sights, you can easily spend a whole night having a relaxing drive and stopping wherever calls out to you to get a glimpse of the stars.

Visit a Local Farmers Market

Shop around for some high-quality ingredients for your upcoming Christmas dinner at the weekly Joshua Tree farmers’ market. While you’re scoping out the local offerings for something to make your holiday dinner truly unique, you’ll also enjoy the onsite entertainment and precooked foods. Though you may have gotten your fill of holiday shopping before making it out here, you might find that perfect last-minute gift for someone. Whatever the case, the market happens every Saturday, though holiday hours might change that the closer you get to Christmas, so be sure to check online for their schedule.

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Christmas Dinner at Your Vacation Home

Christmas dinner is one of the most important mainstays of the holiday. It’s a great time to get the whole family together to sit around the table and enjoy the company. All of our vacation rentals come equipped with fully furnished kitchens that will allow you to put together the Christmas dinner of your dreams while you’re on vacation. Our state-of-the-art appliances will ensure that all of your different dishes come out perfect, and with an abundance of provided cutlery and storage, you won’t have to worry about running out of space if you’re putting together a truly massive feast.

You can also find some wonderful local ingredients while you’re in town. Between the stores and farmers markets, the people of Joshua Tree source some great ingredients that can make for a truly unique Christmas meal. If you haven’t brought along your own ingredients, consider putting together a truly local meal with the love and care the locals have put into their own goods.

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Your Joshua Tree Christmas Awaits

Whether you’re planning on going out and hitting all of the trails, or you’d rather stay in and relax during your precious vacation time, you’ll be doing it in style when you stay at one of our vacation rentals. Hi-Desert Dwellings has put together a comprehensive list of properties that can accommodate groups of all sizes, so you’ll be able to enjoy your private getaway or family vacation in Joshua Tree no problem. Our team of agents has firsthand knowledge of our properties, and they can definitely match you up with the perfect home for your trip.

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The town of Joshua Tree and the nearby national park are vacation destinations for good reason. There’s no better way to see the gorgeous, untamed desert than staying in the safety of our Joshua Tree home rental. You can head into town to grab dinner, hit one of the countless scenic hiking trails nearby, or stay in and enjoy all of the wonderful amenities we’ve put in our Desert Quail Retreat.

Located in a peaceful Yucca Valley neighborhood, you’ll be staying in a spot that provides easy access to the area. Plenty of paved roads will keep your vehicle safe and clean, and with a spacious driveway out front you won’t need to worry about parking streetside. We’ve spared no expense to make this property beautiful and modern on the inside, with plenty of classic wood cabinetry and modern interior design sensibilities, you’ll be living in style during your Joshua Tree stay.

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All the Space You’ll Need

It all starts with our open, spacious living area, complete with a couch and several single seats located around the coffee table. You’ll enjoy lounging for hours, because this room has everything you need for a cozy night in. There’s a huge, widescreen TV ready for use up on the wall, and with our high-speed internet, you’ll be able to log in to all of your favorite streaming services to catch your favorite show or have a movie night with the family. If you’re staying on a colder desert night, there’s also a fireplace just below the TV, so you can kill the lights and watch a movie by the light of the fire if the mood strikes.

Desert Quail Retreat also comes equipped with a full kitchen for your dining pleasure. Whether you’re planning on putting together a few snacks between going out for your meals, or you want to hunker down and put together that huge feast for your group, you’ll have everything you need to prepare it just the right way.

When it comes to cooking, you’ll have an oven, stove top, and microwave, all of which are sleek and modern appliances with high end functionality. You won’t lack for storage space either because the kitchen has plenty of cabinets that are loaded up with cutlery and dishes, and many of the cabinets offer additional storage space on top of the abundant counter space. If you’re bringing cold goods along with you, there’s a combination refrigerator and freezer with all the shelf space you could ask for. This is definitely our best Joshua Tree home rental!

Once you’ve finished up with all of your meal prep, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal as traditionally or as casually as you like. Located adjacent to the living room, you’ll find a gorgeous wooden dining table with plenty of seating space for right around six people. If you’d prefer to spread out and dine more casually, there’s seating in the kitchen, living room, and who could forget outside with the scenic desert backdrop?

The Back Patio

This backyard is a great spot for the group to congregate no matter the time of day. You and your friends can gather around the firepit to beat the desert night’s cold while you cook up a grilled treat for everyone on the BBQ grill. There’s also a hot tub located out back. You could spend hours out here!

Dogs are also welcome if you’re planning on bringing the family pet with you. Let us know in advance if you’d like to bring your dog along, because there’s a $30 fee per dog, and you can only bring up to two animals with you.

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Sleeping Space

With a grand total of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, you’ll be able to bring along a decent sized group without having to worry about running out of space. The master bedroom comes with a king size bed, two bedside tables with lamps, and plenty of floorspace for you to set up your luggage. The window has blinds if you’re planning on sleeping in, or you could leave them up and let the sun give you a peaceful early morning start. You’ll also have easy access to the backyard with the adjoining sliding glass door.

The master bathroom has both a walk-in shower and full-size bathtub, and a counter with two sinks and a large mirror, giving you everything you need to get your day started and have yourself looking presentable.

Both of the other bedrooms come with queen size mattresses and a bedside table with lamp. Much like the master, you’ll be able to close the blinds and keep the sun out until you’re ready for it.

The second bathroom is shared between the other two bedrooms and has a combination shower and bathtub with a curtain instead of a glass door. There’s also a single sink with a mirror.

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Joshua Tree Is Waiting for You

If you stay at Desert Quail Retreat, you’ll be staying in a prime location to see Joshua Tree National Park and the nearby town, and we’ve made sure to provide everything you’d need to be comfortable if you didn’t want to leave the house at all. Get in touch with us now and book this wonderful vacation property!

Thanksgiving is often associated with some of the more harsh, cold weather that the colder months of the year can bring, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving getaway to Joshua Tree this year, you’ll find that the weather is temperate and hospitable, so you won’t have to worry about it getting too cold for comfort. Plenty, if not all, of the hiking trails and nature walks stay open for the entire year, and having fewer people around means you’ll really be able to experience the serene solitude of nature at your own pace. If you’re planning a trip out for Thanksgiving in Joshua Tree, you’ll find there’s plenty to do, whether it’s taking your mind off of the chaos of the holiday season or having that perfect Thanksgiving feast at your home away from home.

Everything You Need to Prepare Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Our properties come fully equipped with state-of-the-art kitchens full of every appliance you could ever need to prepare that full Thanksgiving in Joshua Tree meal for groups of all sizes. In addition to our kitchen amenities, our homes often come with plenty of dining space to accommodate everybody, regardless of if you’re planning on sitting down for a conventional dinner around the dining room table or getting creative and taking your meal outside to relax under the stars and observe the Milky Way and enjoy the cool winter air.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner with locally sourced ingredients from our weekly Farmers Market. Every Saturday morning from 8 AM to 1 PM, there is a certified Farmers Market that operates under strict rules to maintain quality and protect all of its customers. Merchants can only sell locally grown items, no exceptions.

While you’re there doing your shopping, you can expect plenty of live entertainment and creative arts and crafts to be available for your enjoyment. Take your time while you’re there to really enjoy the essence of Joshua Tree, and when you take home your locally sourced ingredients, you can rest easy knowing your Thanksgiving feast directly supports local businesses.

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Hike Off Your Thanksgiving Meal

After you’ve finished preparing and eating your Thanksgiving feast with friends and/or family, there’s plenty of outdoor activity out there waiting for you. The hiking is great in Joshua Tree during this time of the year, as winter hasn’t fully set in yet, and the intense heat of the summer months has been long forgotten. Here are a few choice hikes you should check out:

Barker Dam Nature Trail

This is a nice and easy hike that’s friendly for all skill levels. It’s a short one, clocking in at just 1.3 miles, and is heavily trafficked due to its appeal as a nature walk. No need to worry about overdoing it, so take a trip down this trail and see some of the beautiful wildflowers.

Hidden Valley Nature Trail

Another heavily trafficked loop, and for good reason, Hidden Valley Nature Trail is very beginner friendly and it’s easy on the eyes. More beautiful wildflowers can be found here, and the trail is very short at just 1 mile.

Ryan Mountain Trail

If you want to up the intensity a little bit, Ryan Mountain Trail is heavily used, and runs as an in and out trail as opposed to looping back around. The trail’s difficulty is listed as moderate and has beautiful nature views along the way. It’s also running friendly, so you can pick up the speed if you’re feeling up to the 3-mile workout.

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Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail

If you’re really looking for a harder hike with considerable challenge, the Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail is out there waiting for you. Clocking in at 3.1 miles, the trail is often heavily trafficked and is primarily used for hiking instead of running. It’s best seen from October to May, making it the perfect post-Thanksgiving hike for someone seeking a challenge.

Visit Some of Joshua Tree’s Music Venues

Though some of them may not be open on the holiday itself, there are several venues around the area that make for a good outing. If you’re looking for something to do to help round out your Thanksgiving in Joshua Tree vacation, consider stopping by some of these venues to hear live music.

Pappy and Harriet’s

Making the trip out to Pioneertown is worth the trip if you’re planning on heading out to Pappy and Harriet’s. They have live music every weekend, with a local mainstay that often plays on Sundays. Make sure to check out their event calendar to see what’s going on right around your trip time. Even if you can’t make it out for live music, the food is great, so go check it out.

Joshua Tree Saloon

The Joshua Tree Saloon is a great spot to stop in for a couple drinks and here some seasoned local musicians showcase their passion for anyone who wants to hear. You can expect to hear live music Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so use one of those extra vacation days to experience a local treasure.

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Your Vacation Home Awaits

Spend your time in Joshua Tree at whatever pace you like. Take it slow and enjoy the holiday indoors with the family, or head out and hit the trails to really see the sights in the National Park. No matter how you choose to spend your Thanksgiving, Hi-Desert Dwellings has the perfect vacation home waiting for you. Book with us now to get that holiday outing started.

Like many places that are close with nature, Joshua Tree is a wonderful place to visit during autumn. The changing of the season always brings about gorgeous temperatures and eye-catching sunsets that compliment desert sightseeing and tours that are sure to impress. The area also has a rich art and music culture, often bringing through music festivals and open studio tours through the many local art galleries. Naturally, if you’re visiting right around Halloween in Joshua Tree, there are plenty of fall themed events to check out, especially if you’re looking to see how the season inspires the artistic community.

Live Music

Joshua Tree and the surrounding area have a good chunk of locations that routinely host live bands, especially on the weekends, which are absolutely worth the visit. If you’re looking to hear what the local musicians have going on while you’re in town, consider checking out these locations.

Pappy and Harriet’s, though a short drive out to Pioneertown, hosts live music every weekend. Like the rest of the buildings in its area, Pappy and Harriet’s has the rustic look of an old west town, having been built as part of a Hollywood filmset back in the 1940s. This old west vibe makes for a perfect backdrop with the desert and is a choice location for drinks and entertainment.

The Joshua Tree Saloon is a perfect spot to stop in while coming or going to the National Park, especially if you’re looking for live entertainment. They host local musicians on the weekends, and sporadically during the week, so check on their online calendar to see if they’ve got someone playing during your fall visit.

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The Joshua Tree Music Festival

From Friday, Oct. 7th to Sunday, Oct. 10th, the Joshua Tree Music Festival is hosting a large lineup of bands in a Covid conscious environment. Though they’re running fewer concurrent events than usual and limiting attendance, it’s absolutely worth getting a ticket to experience days’ worth of stunning live performances in a thoughtfully constructed outdoor venue.

The festival is an all-ages friendly experience, and always draws a crowd as diverse as the range of genres that are performed there. Festival runners pride themselves on bringing in up-and-coming artists, and many previous players have gone on to become Grammy winning or nominated artists. Take the chance to see the next big act before they blow up and hit the scene.

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Witness the Changing of the Season

Joshua Tree National Park is a perfect destination for catching the desert in seasonal bloom. Autumn and winter are one of the two times of year where desert plants are in season, adding that extra splash of color. You can experience the park at your own pace, naturally, but there’s no shortage of tours, guided nature walks, and even workshops dedicated to photographing the desert sky by night to see the stars. There are so many options and destinations for visitors of all skill levels.

The Morongo Basin Orchid Festival

Happening early in October, the Morongo Basin Orchid Festival is a large gathering with wine tasting, food, live music, plenty of great photo opportunities, and, of course, orchids. Between gorgeous greenhouse tours and a judged contest that has open entry to the public, there’s a lot to see when all of the orchids are in seasonal bloom. There’s even an orchid class where you take home your own flower or arrangement at the end.

If you plan on going to the festival, make sure you check out their schedule of events for both days, as you’ll have the chance to participate in multiple classes, see different live bands each day, and participate in unique viewings of the greenhouse, both self-guided and directed. This is one of the best things to do for Halloween in Joshua Tree!

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See the Park and Experience the Wonderful People

Joshua Tree is a place filled with hospitable people and great entertainment, and the National Park is among the best spots to safely and comfortably experience the majesty of the desert. Whether you’re planning on visiting to see one or both, Hi-Desert Dwellings has the right size property to accommodate your stay. Visit us online to book your stay and get in touch with Joshua Tree.

The desert is a place like none other in the world, offering a pace that is slower and a touch of glamour that harkens back to the golden age of Hollywood. Our Golden Desert Ranch Joshua Tree property is an example you will definitely want to explore closer! Blending mid-century modern with a touch of the country and a taste of South America, its three bedrooms are peaceful, serene, and decorated in styles that are distinctly different, while the bathrooms offer an updated style that gives off the feeling of a spa. If your vacation plans include a visit to the desert of Joshua Tree, choosing our Golden Desert Ranch property will give you the opportunity to bask in the quiet luxuries that are innate to all our properties. This guide to its charms will perhaps give you a peek into your own future!

Ranch Life in the Desert

From the outside, this sweet property offers a ranch house style, with its wide front porch, white siding, classic black shutters, and white picket fence, but when the door opens and you step inside, a new world is revealed. Step into a space that is crisp, clean, and stylish, offering pure white walls and tile flooring that feels cool beneath bare feet. The living room features a large picture window that peeks out onto a desert mesquite tree standing tall and proud against the front of the home, and a modern sectional topped with a high-end camel colored leather. Sink into its plush comfort and surf the channels on the flat screen television hanging on the wall opposite the sofa or grab a book and sit in the chair by the aforementioned window and lose yourself in the story. The open concept of this floor plan adds to the airiness of the space and allows you to do your own thing without feeling separated from the others in your traveling group. Sit at the large wooden table and answer emails or work to put together a puzzle spread out at one end.

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Head into the kitchen for a snack, a beverage, or to prepare a meal, and take a minute to enjoy the forest green cabinets that add an interesting spark of color and contrast nicely with the light stone countertops. Updated appliances and a compact breakfast bar add to the country charm of this cozy space. When you first drove up to the home, you might have wondered why the garage is seemingly not to be used, but a few quick steps away from the kitchen reveals a fun surprise: The garage has been converted into a game room, complete with pool table, ping pong table, comfortable couch, and a split unit air conditioner designed to easily fight the desert heat and keep you cool during your moments of competitiveness!

After a few games, you may find yourself ready for a good night’s sleep, and after you pick your favorite room, you will fall easily into a deep slumber and awaken the next morning refreshed and renewed. As we mentioned earlier, each room has its own style and ambience, so the choice may be a little more difficult than you first imagined. Perhaps it is the one with the painted headboard in the shape of an arch and a selection of retro art that includes a wood shelf encased in macrame, or maybe it is one of the other two rooms, both offering ratan headboards for the soft and comfortable beds they hold. This is definitely our best Joshua Tree property!

Of Course, There Is More!

The interior of Golden Desert Ranch is designed to be warm and welcoming, yet cool in the hottest months of the year, but comfort and style isn’t all it offers. Step out onto the covered patio and rejoice in the fun and comfort you find here as well! It offers a barbecue grill and a place to consume the meals you create on said grill, a couple of hammocks strategically placed to catch the desert breezes on those lazy mornings you just can’t see yourself doing much of anything, and a hot tub that gives warmth and romance to the exterior space. Spend a few hours playing from a selection of yard games hanging on the white picket fence or teach your child the joys of hitting a ball on a string; a tetherball “court” is yet another fun addition to the landscape! On hotter days, cooling off in the cowboy tucked into the corner of the whimsical corrugated tin fence that gives privacy and style to the yard is a unique experience you may not ever see again. Once the sun sets in a glorious display of color and fire, the stars light up the desert sky, and you will be cozy and warm as you gather round the fire pit tucked away in another corner of the yard.

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The 60s were a time when we still dressed up to fly, when sipping martinis and smoking cigarettes were considered cool, and when homes were designed with a little bit of glamour and a whole lot of natural. Although much has changed, there is a small part of us that misses those days, especially the homes in which every tiny detail made the biggest impact. Today’s homes tend to be cookie cutter structures with shoddy workmanship, but if you are planning a journey to Joshua Tree, a stay in our Casa Coyoacan 5-bedroom, 3-bath mid-century modern Joshua Tree getaway house can bring you back to those days for the duration of your stay! Allowing you to do your own version of sipping martinis by the pool in a private cabana, create meals to be enjoyed al fresco, and sleep deeply, your high desert getaway in our Hi-Desert Dwellings sanctuary promises to be a timeless adventure.

Making Memories with the Family

Casa Coyoacan doesn’t just offer the opportunity to step into the past; it also offers the perfect place to stay and make memories with your entire family, pets included! Walk under the arch that leads the way to one of the happiest times of your life, and as the door swings open, be prepared to be amazed. Engineered hardwoods create a path you won’t be able to resist following, guiding you to an open concept living, dining, kitchen space that is the hub of this Joshua Tree getaway house. The kitchen, once a separate space, has been opened up and stands out with its barnwood-inspired framed entrance and its super-sized island topped with crisp white stone countertops. A gray tiled backsplash adds a touch of modern to the room, blending in nicely with the upgraded stainless steel appliances that promise to bring the joy back to your cooking experiences. That center island serves as more than a focal point, however, providing overflow seating for five and plenty of space to prepare meals under bright pendant lights.

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The dining room, located just steps away from the kitchen, features a natural touch in the wood slab dining table and the dramatic photos of the Joshua trees that make our corner of the world a special place to live. The living room, found just a few more steps away, offers an inviting comfort that warms the cold places in your heart! Spend a lazy Tuesday napping on the plush softness of the cool gray sectional, watch the big game on the state of the art television hanging on a shiplap wall, or grab a book from the bookshelf in the corner and lose yourself in other people’s stories! A wood burning stove serves as a romantic heat source on cooler days in the desert, but probably won’t be needed during a summer escape.

Each of the bedrooms offer a peaceful vibe, some featuring barnwood focal walls or barn door entries into en suite baths, while other bedrooms offer iron beds that could have come from another century, private entrances to the covered patio just outside, or in the case of the casita that is an integral part of Casa Coyoacan, another living room, dining area, and kitchen!

A Different World

As wonderful as the interior of this gorgeous house is, it is the exterior that will bring you much joy. Offering a crystal clear pool for swimming, a bubbly hot tub to soothe aching muscles and add more romance to your adventures, and an outdoor kitchen tucked away in an alcove offering a desert mural on its wall, you just may want to spend your entire getaway out here soaking up the ambiance! Come together for a family meal on the living edge wood slab table that seats 12 people comfortably, play a game of bean bags on the “court” set up by the corrugated tin walls, or when the sun sinks behind the hills and the moon bathes the landscape in an ethereal glow, gather around the fire pit for ghost stories and fascinating conversation. Oh, and one more blast from the past can be found out here: A tetherball pole is set up away from the firepit, giving your children a peek into your own days at school!

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Joshua Tree is most well-known for its national park and amazing natural beauty, but what many don’t know is that there is an amazing selection of restaurants and places to eat in Joshua Tree to really take your vacation experience to the next level. Here is a list of the best casual dining locations in Joshua Tree to help you plan your trip.

Pappy and Harriet’s

If you have a hankering for BBQ while visiting Joshua Tree, then you must include a stop at this Joshua Tree staple. Pappy and Harriet’s consistently ranks as a must-visit restaurant in Joshua Tree for good reason. This iconic restaurant is also a saloon and outdoor music venue with history dating back to the 1940s. During this time, Pappy and Harriet’s was the key building in the early Pioneertown and was designed to be a part of an 1800s frontier set for Hollywood movies. If the walls at Pappy and Harriet’s could talk, they would have some amazing stories to tell. Along with the rich history of this amazing building, the owners are serving up some amazing BBQ favorites to go along with the live music that frequents the establishment. You simply must experience a night at Pappy and Harriet’s during your Joshua Tree stay.

La Copine

Although Joshua Tree is a bit of a drive from major cities like Los Angeles, La Copine takes isolation to the next level. This daytime cafe is smack dab in the middle of the desert and serves up some amazing lunchtime options that make it well worth a visit. The menu is small but features robust flavors. Some of the best options include options like duck liver mousse, pork belly banh mi, and fried chicken. Their menu covers many different types and styles of food, but it makes for an amazing experience no matter what you choose to eat. Their food options tend to be a little more upscale, but the atmosphere is much more casual and will be a perfect option for your lunchtime meal in Joshua Tree. Seating is first come, first serve, and they are only open from 11 am to 4 pm daily, so make sure you get to this Joshua Tree favorite as soon as you can.

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Natural Sisters

Many people flock to Joshua Tree to take in the natural beauty through hiking, but you need to make sure that you fuel up before your trip. One of the best places to fuel up before your hike is at Natural Sisters. This amazing restaurant is located right next to the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park and caters to the various people looking to get a bite before venturing out into Joshua Tree. They specialize in fresh and natural ingredients for a wholistic approach to food. They have amazing vegetarian wraps, sandwiches, salads, and smoothies to help you fuel up. One of their favorite options is the vegan carrot cake that is to die for. This sweet treat is amazing, but you might want to wait to eat this until after your hike, since it is a bit on the indulgent side.

The Dez

In a remote location like Joshua Tree, there are not many new places to eat in Joshua Tree opening up on a yearly basis. However, The Dez is a new addition that is making a splash. This all-day eatery opened in late 2020 and is another excellent post-hike fuel up option in the downtown Joshua Tree area. The Dez is a small counter service space that opened up as takeaway only but appears to be expanding soon. Their large menu changes on a daily basis and provides you with plenty of options from which to choose. We recommend trying one of their fresh made sandwiches like the pesto BLT; you can also grab one of their pre-made lunch boxes to enjoy on your hike in Joshua Tree National Park. You really can’t go wrong with anything on this amazing menu.

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Joshua Tree Saloon

Another staple in the restaurant and entertainment scene in Joshua Tree is the Joshua Tree Saloon. This amazing saloon caters to both locals and visitors alike. As the name suggests, the Joshua Tree Saloon is a kitschy old west saloon that specializes in the Western motif. The menu is filled with traditional American favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and big plates of meat. This is the perfect spot to relax after a long day at the Joshua Tree National Park, since their portions are large and hearty. Although it has a funny theme, you will feel right at home immediately, and this saloon is the perfect spot to grab a pint and enjoy yourself.

There are many more exciting adventures to have in Joshua Tree, and Hi-Desert Dwellings can help you experience them all! Contact us today to book your rental property and enjoy a desert escape.

For a unique vacation experience in the High Desert, look no further than our Constellation Compound, Joshua Tree rental property! Consisting of two dwellings situated on 10 acres of private land, it is the perfect choice of stay for those seeking solitude and an interesting Bohemian aesthetic while vacationing in the beautiful California desert.

Main House

The main house on the property features 2 bedrooms and 1.5 half baths that make for comfortable accommodations for up to 4 guests. You’ll find a slightly more contemporary style on the outside of the home, which features two separate outdoor patio spaces: a smaller one located on the front of the house and a larger space that spans the entire back of the home. The front exterior features friendly, bright colors that foreshadow the eclectic decor inside the home. Walk through the front door and you’ll find a small entryway that leads directly into a comfortable living area featuring a wood-burning stove and a flat-screen TV. The living area flows directly into a modern kitchen space, with stainless steel appliances and an eat-in counter area with seating for two. Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining area, which seats between 4-6 guests and faces an expansive window, offering an abundance of natural light and allowing you to take in the beautiful desert views. The master suite in the main home features a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom. The bathroom is modern and upgraded, with dual vanities and a large walk-in shower with stunning blue tile. The second bedroom boasts a queen-size bed and offers direct access to the outdoor patio space through a set of sliding glass doors. The entire home is decorated in a combination of styles that could best be described as modern, but funky, which appropriately reflects the artistic sentiments of the surrounding area.

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Features of Our Joshua Tree Rental Cabin

If you are looking for a quirky sense of style, then the second home on this property is sure to delight! Referred to as the cabin, this dwelling is slightly smaller than the main house, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in unforgettable style! Enter the front door of the home into the living space which features a smaller seating area with a lot of personality, such as a vintage suitcase converted into a coffee table and a large wood-burning stove to be used as a fireplace for the chilly desert night! Off of the main living area and through an expansive doorway is one of the bedrooms. However, you can draw the curtains for additional privacy. Directly behind the living area is the dining and kitchen space. The dining area offers seating for four guests, and the kitchen features a quirky combination of bright blue cabinetry, red countertops, and green walls that add to the unique aesthetic of the home. Here you’ll find interesting details such as colorful, decorative masks on the wall, a small painted mural, and a green accent window that add to the eclectic vibe in the home. Both bedrooms offer direct access through sliding glass doors to the outdoor space. The shared bathroom in this home features a tiled walk-in shower and small vanity. Although the cabin may be the smaller space, it feels larger than it is due to the abundance of natural light in every room, and it offers great views of the desert from both bedrooms!

Outdoor Space

Sitting on 10 acres of land, Constellation Compound has an impressive and expansive outdoor space. You’ll likely spend lots of time laying out by the pool or soaking in the hot tub. The hot tub area offers seating for two, while the pool area offers two lounge chairs and an outdoor dining area with seating for four. There’s also a large umbrella that keeps you shaded during those sunny desert days! There’s also an additional shaded cabana with two more loungers that create a small outdoor living area. Enjoy 360-degree views of the desert no matter where you are on the property. Off of the deck on the main house is a seating area, with plenty of covered patio space with an outdoor dining table featuring seating for four guests and a small outdoor living area. There’s also a hammock, perfect for reading a book, napping, or watching the sunset. Best of all, this property is just 15 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park and the nearby artistic community. Enjoy shops, galleries, restaurants in town or head into the National Park for outdoor adventures such as rock climbing, hiking, and more!

Whether you are seeking true solitude or want to fully immerse yourself in the artistic community of the desert, Constellation Compound is a unique and eclectic Joshua Tree rental property. You won’t find a home like Constellation Compound anywhere else.

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