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  • Can I check-in early?

    Check-in time is 3 pm for all HDDBNB properties. If the house happens to be ready sooner we will let you know, but it is best to plan on arriving anytime AFTER 3 pm for all reservations.

  • Can I have a late checkout?

    Please check with us the day before your departure. The reservation schedule is always changing and we are not always able to offer or guarantee a late checkout.

  • Should I bring firewood?

    We do not allow ANY outdoor open flames on our properties at any time. We do not permit any outside use of devices that emit a flame and require firewood, charcoal, or propane. If the property you are renting has a working indoor fireplace, you are welcome to bring firewood for inside use only. Please check with us to ensure the fireplace is in working order and able to be used during your stay.

  • Can I bring my dog?

    Some HDDBNB properties are dog-friendly and you are welcome to bring your pup along. Before booking, please check the listing to see if the property allows dogs. To prevent fines and fees for unapproved pups we ask that you be upfront about bringing your canine friend. If you have any questions, please ask!

  • Can I bring my cat?

    No. As much as we love your furry feline friends, we do not allow cats at any of our HDDBNB properties.

  • What sort of critters may I encounter during my desert getaway?

    We are lucky to have a wide range of critters and wildlife in the desert. In this region, you might encounter jackrabbits, quails, roadrunners, tortoises, ground squirrels, coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions. The desert is also home to different kinds of beetles, spiders, bugs, snakes, and scorpions. Please be mindful where you walk, and drive, as this is their home. We want to respect their land and enjoy them without disturbing them.

  • How strong is the WiFi?

    Strong WiFi connections are best at our “Work from Home” properties. Each property is different and connection will depend on the location and access to cable or satellite internet. If you have specific requirements please be sure to ask. We can not guarantee internet speed or connectivity as the desert life often brings unexpected outages, but we will do our best to assist in choosing a property that will best fit your needs.

  • Can I arrive early and decorate?

    Check-in time is 3 pm for all HDDBNB properties. While we’re unable to guarantee early check-in, the reservation schedule is always changing, so please reach out and we’ll see what options are available. Please do NOT use confetti or glitter as decorations or at any time during your stay as it will incur an extra cleaning fee if $100.00.

  • Do I have to bring my own sheets, towels, or kitchen items?

    Sheets and towels are provided, clean and ready for your use upon arrival. All of our properties are equipped with pots, pans, utensils, glasses, plates, and bowls. For specific kitchen tools or requests please ask and we will confirm if your reserved property has those items.

  • Can I smoke at the property?

    HDDBNB does NOT allow smoking inside our homes, of ANY kind at ANY time. Some properties are 100% smoke-free and will incur an extra cleaning fee of $350.00 should smoking be detected. Other properties do allow smoking outside (10+ feet away) the home. Please double check that the property you’re booking allows smoking outdoors. If the home you book does allow outdoor smoking please be aware of our high fire risk and ensure that your cigarette, or other, butts are properly extinguished and disposed of in the proper receptacle, such as a metal container.

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