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The desert is an oasis for artists, makers and creatives. Leaving with your own piece of local desert art is as easy as checking out these artists. In fact, taking time to explore the creativity of others throughout Joshua Tree is a good way to ignite your own inspiration while you’re in town. Joshua tree has long been an oasis of potential for the artistically inclined and much of the artwork you encounter during a visit is a reflection of moments spent in and around nature.

It’s no secret that Joshua Tree boasts one-of-a-kind terrain that’s designed by nature to be breathtaking at every turn. From the sand and monoliths to the cacti, trees, and cliffs, the landscape here lends itself to an array of colors, textures, and dimensions that inspire creative minds to get to work creating sooner rather than later! The following local artists on this list design art in customized form, there’s no doubt. But the consistent thread holding them together is a passion for the place that inspired what you’re now setting aside time to browse.  Whether you’re looking for handcrafted jewelry, the perfect painting for your home, or an abstract design that has a way of endlessly capturing your attention, the artists of Joshua Tree promise to deliver. From metalwork that carries a message of hope to whimsical rock art and moments captured colorfully on canvas, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and likely, more inspiration than you ever imagined possible too.

Kat Green

Sierra Keylin Jewelry

Abe the Artist

Lindsay Hollinger

Bill Green

Jessie Keylon

Gubby Beck Metalwork

Shari Elf

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