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JT Country Kitchen

In this modern day and age, there is an abundance of places to eat when one’s stomach begins to grumble. One could potentially eat Chinese, Mexican, or even Indian. However, there is one type of cooking that remains close to the heart of many Americans: the old school local diner. There is something warming and comforting about diner food, something homey about the simplistic décor and all familiar meals that relax both the mind as well as calming an angry stomach. Well, JT Country Kitchen in Joshua Tree is no exception to this, so read on and discover what both guests and locals alike have been raving about!

A Typical Experience at the JT Country Kitchen

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by what looks like an old warn barn that might have been easily overlooked had you not had your eyes peeled. However, don’t let looks deceive you, as upon walking in you will be enveloped by the savory smells of cooking eggs and sizzling bacon, the warmth of a cozy and homey interior, and the dull murmur of excited conversation. You make your way to your table and sit down as a menu is put before you; your gaze falls upon all the usual dishes that one may see; you glance around to get a glimpse of the many dishes you have to choose from. Tall fluffy pancakes glisten with syrup and butter, heaping helpings of biscuits and gravy send whisps of steam into the heavens, you see mouthwatering sandwiches which would make even Scooby-Doo and Shaggy envious. Soon, you tuck into your own bowl of savory chili that is just the perfect balance of both heat and flavor, your party’s conversation ringing in your ears and your own merry laughter upon your lips.

Why This Diner?

This scene that was just laid before you is a typical one here at JT’s Country Kitchen at Swartz Creek and is the reason that it sports rave reviews from both locals as well as the many travelers that comes through its doors. This small local diner is not simply perfect for a quite morning breakfast but also offers a wide selection of lunch items as well. At JT’s Country Kitchen at Swartz Creek, both lunch and breakfast are served from the time it opens until close. Not only this, but the restaurant also offers patio seating, and for those days where time is of the essence, they even do take-out!

Come and see just what everyone is talking about and discover for yourself why Joshua Tree is such a welcoming destination by reserving your vacation property with Hi-Desert Dwellings today! Call us now.

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