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La Copine

We all enjoy the simple comfort foods we grew up on; few people will turn down a grilled cheese, hamburger, plate of biscuits and gravy, a chili dog, etc. However, at times, it is genuinely nice to try something new and fresh to keep life exciting. For those times when you begin to feel your diet is getting stagnant or would like to treat yourself to a fine meal, La Copine is here for you!

What the Menu Is Like at La Copine

Located in Flamingo Heights, La Copine might easily go without notice if you were just driving through the town. On the outside it seems small and unassuming, and they even pride themselves on their minimalistic décor. However, don’t let first impressions fool you, as La Copine is the perfect place to stop if you are looking for something unique and truly special. This Yucca Valley restaurant does not serve your typical American meals; though you may see burgers or other traditional items on the menu, each will be created with a New American spin added on. You will see a variety of different ethnic cuisines featured; however, each will be a unique creation featuring a blend of different cultures. For instance, you may see a traditional Spanish dish such as gazpacho given a slightly Italian flair and served alongside an Asian stir fry dish. This is in addition to a selection of other unique and varying dishes. While unique, these New American dishes are sure to add a sense of originality and spontaneity to your trip. All this considered, it’s no wonder the Yucca Valley restaurant has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, DESERT magazine, and more!

What Else You Should Know

While the dishes are not only delicious and savory, but also unique and original, the restaurant itself is quite unique in its own way. Featuring simplistic black and white décor with patio seating, La Copine has created not only a visually appealing but uniquely intimate setting for you and your guests to enjoy as you dig into your meal. Just make sure that you get there early, as reservations aren’t accepted, and seating is based on a first come, first serve basis. However, sometimes vacations can get hectic, and you might not have the time to sit down for a couple hours and enjoy the ambiance. For this reason, they even offer take out service during down periods!

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