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Enjoy over 60 hikes in the Joshua Tree National Park. Here’s our top five recommendations. 

Hiking Safety

Leave information about your planned route and expected return time with a friend, family member, or park ranger before hiking. On any desert hike, remember the essentials – water, food, layers of clothing, sun protection, first aid kit, sturdy shoes, navigation (map & compass), pocket knife/multitool and flashlight or headlamp. Check out the comprehensive Joshua Tree National Park site for more information.

No Pets on Trails

Pets are NOT allowed on the hiking trails. Pets are allowed on dirt roads, and must be within 100 feet from the road. 

Plan Ahead for Busy Weekends

The park gets crowded by 10am on weekends and holidays so it’s best to get in early. If you must enter the park between 10am-2pm, then it is highly recommended to use the North Entrance (29 Palms). You can then exit via the West (Joshua Tree Village) entrance. 

Park in Designated Areas Only  

Please respect all parking signs and regulations! If all of the parking is taken, then try another location. Please do not double-park or park off-road.

Make the Most of a Guided Hiking Experience Through Joshua Tree

For experienced hikers and those new to this activity alike, the many trails and scenic terrain just waiting to be discovered makes Joshua Tree an oasis of potential for hiking fun. That said, there’s something exceptionally exciting about making the most of a guided hiking experience alongside a professional guide while you’re in the area. That’s exactly what you’ll find with the team at Wildland Trekking. This company specializes in creating customized hiking experiences that are educational, fun, and ultimately, unforgettable for every participant. For new hikers, this type of guided experience is a fantastic introduction to the sport as well as a good way to make the most of the landscape without having to spend time figuring out the basics. For experienced hikers, a guided excursion lets you push the limits of the activity you love over a multi-day experience complete with one-of-a-kind and professional local insight into those places you’re bound to encounter.

Joshua Tree is often considered the heart of the Mohave Desert and showcases terrain complete with basins, boulders, monoliths, and more. Navigating this terrain is made wonderfully person when you can experience it all alongside a guide. Guests who book a guided hike have a plethora of options with Wildland Trekking. Hikes range from 4 to 6 days and can include additional stops through Death Valley or Basecamp as well.

Barker Dam - 1 mile round trip

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Split Rock - 2.5 miles round trip

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Ryan Mountain - 3 miles round trip

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Lost Horse Mine - 4 miles round trip

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Skull Rock - 1.7 mile round trip

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