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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

When you just can’t wait to get out of town and are looking forward to swapping out work for a well-loved suitcase, planning a trip to beautiful Joshua Tree is sure to be the best decision possible. This scenic escape is known for its great dining, quirky museum stops, and of course, the landscapes that are one-of-a-kind. If you’re the type of traveler that values filling their itinerary with places that promise to deliver up amazing views, there’s no shortage to be found here. The following are the top five Joshua Tree points of interest for getting that gorgeous view you’ve been craving whether you’re a wiz with the camera and can’t wait to capture it all on film or just have a heart for views that stick with you long after you’ve left Joshua Tree behind.

Joshua Tree Points of Interest: Barker Dam Nature Trail

It’s hard to imagine picking out a favorite view within the greater Joshua Tree National Park but there are a few places with vista offerings that are seemingly unsurpassed. For those willing to lace up their boots and hike a mile, the Barker Dam Nature Trail promises to provide some spectacular scenery to enjoy along the way. The Barker Dam Nature Trail winds its way through a mesmerizing rocky, desert landscape with ease. Along this route, hikers can enjoy passing by enormous boulders and a collection of captivating Joshua Trees too. It’s common to pass by surfaces hosting ancient rock art and the view of Barker Dam itself is sure to impress. Highlights of the Mojave Desert are yours to savor, so be sure you bring your camera along for this one.

Arch Rock Nature Trail

Finding those iconic natural landmarks is a must when you’re visiting the Joshua Tree area and while there are many to be enjoyed, Arch Rock stands out as one of the most gorgeous to capture up close and on camera. Situated within the heart of Twentynine Palms, Arch Rock is a towering granite formation and a testament to time that’s a popular place to grab a photo as well. The Arch Rock Nature Trail can be followed to this infamous site which sits in the middle of a desert landscape otherwise dominated by sand and boulders. The trail leading here is less than a mile and a half and is a gentle hike or stroll best enjoyed in the earlier morning hours to beat the heat and crowds.

Sky’s the Limit Observatory

The Joshua Tree National Park points of interest and the surrounding areas and communities have much to offer in the way of land-based beauty, but there’s something to be said about turning your eyes towards the sky when you’re looking for an out-of-this-world view. That’s where a trip to the Sky’s the Limit Observatory can help. Located at 9697 Utah Trail, this observatory offers year-round education and options to view the cosmos from high-powered telescopes making it the best place around to get a view of a starry night sky while you’re here. Of course, once you’ve had your fill of galaxies (if there’s really such a thing as too much of this) the observatory sits on grounds that also host beautiful nature trails to explore and a meditation garden to enjoy too.

Cholla Cactus Garden

Joshua Tree National Park is undoubtedly filled with a variety of fantastic, stand-out features, but for those in pursuit of an amazing view, Cholla Cactus Garden holds a special place. Situated at the intersection of the Mojave Desert and the lower Colorado Desert, this collection of captivating cacti is accessible by taking a quarter-mile loop by the same name. These small but mighty cacti are sometimes referred to as teddy bear cactus. When seen in abundance like they are here, they’re truly impressive and offer up an exceptionally gorgeous sight to behold. This is one of the most famous Joshua Tree National Park points of interest!

Face Rock

Sometimes the most gorgeous views to be found in Joshua Tree National Park are those that are the most mysterious. Face Rock is a prime example. This scenic stop accessible off of Split Rock Trail has long fascinated visitors thanks to its strange, but somehow uncanny resemblance to a human expression! Face Rock is further surrounded by even more bizarre rock formations, making this a gorgeous view that comes with plenty of questions included. While you’re snapping photos, feel free to take some time to consider just what Mother Nature might have been up to in planning this stop out.

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