Welcome to Easy Rider Ranch in North Yucca. This desert home is all bright colors and driven by an array of patterns and textures which are all artistically fused together. The interior of this Yucca Valley vacation rental is truly aesthetically driven, which makes you feel like you’re vacationing in luxury. This is a one-level house which makes it easily accessible. The living room is lively with a yellow long sofa beside an orange single-person couch. These two couches match really nicely with the accented green tiled wall behind the fireplace that is connected from floor to ceiling in iron pipes. The vinyl set with a stereo speaker is ready to use with albums to choose from on its shelves. The mounted TV is encased in white so it blends in completely with the white wall holding it. The effect makes it look like the wall is projecting television, which makes it feel very elegant.  

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Adventurous Interior

The dining room is given a designated corner in the house, which is overlooked by the bar that connects to the kitchen. The dining table sits six and there are two bar stools at the counter just behind. Through the window that the bar sits at is the kitchen, which is a beautifully painted dark navy. The color of the dark cabinets matched the bright wood of the countertops and the white cabinets above the stove make for a very modern kitchen design. There is plenty of counter space to spread out all the necessary ingredients for cooking a home meal and you won’t feel cramped while preparing it.  

The first bathroom is a full bath with a single sink and a shower that has a tub.  

The first bedroom is the moon room. It has a queen-sized bed with a soft decor to the room. The green comforter, the glowing orange salt lamp, along with the rust-colored banner hanging on the wall makes for this earth-toned room to be very serene. Instead of a couch, there’s a velour-covered bean bag which makes for an arguably more comfortable chair. The window is nearly floor to ceiling, which puts the desert outside in a clear view.  

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The next bedroom is the camp room. It is furnished with two extra-large twin beds and a nightstand between them.  

The last bedroom is the sunroom, which has the largest bed of all the rooms–a queen-sized mattress. The soft yellow of the sun designs on the wall the headboard of the bed leans against and matched with the pastel pink of the bed gives the effect of a sunrise. This room is rejuvenating and cheerful. Attached is the bathroom that has the jetted tub. The tub is large enough that more than one person can enjoy the convenience of an indoor hot tub. The bathroom also has a double sink vanity and a standing shower with rounded sliding glass doors. There is a lot of storage space in this bathroom, so all of your items will fit perfectly. This room has its own access to the backyard through a glass sliding door.  

Easy Rider’s Desert Rose

The backyard is the heart of Easy Rider Ranch. The center of the roof that encloses the outdoor patio is domed, and pillars stand acting as a structure that fluidly divides the area. This makes the porch feel like it’s not just one large space, but rather it is being utilized to function as a multitude of things. On one side is a large wooden table with two long benches on either side.    

This desert house has an adventurous and playful spirit. Some of the brush from the trees creep in through the gate, which gives the patio a beautiful touch of green nature while in the desert. On the other side is the fire pit surrounded by four chairs and the grill. The backyard extends into the sand, where there are posts staked into the ground with hammocks tied in. the view of the mountains is breathtaking. They are so near you feel like you could nick your finger when tracing the outline of the range. It’s a sight worthy of getting lost in a daze, daydreaming. On the other side of the yard are two resting lounge chairs and a path that leads to the four-person hot tub. The faint lights on the roof above light the yard in a soft glow like an ode to the tranquil warmth of the desert. In the checkered floor garage, you can play a game of darts.  

Easy Rider Ranch pays attention to detail as it makes the outdoors the main attraction. Stargazing is a must here in the desert, and the comfort of the outdoor patios and the lounge chairs makes it easy to enjoy the breathtaking desert sky at night.  

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Desert Done Right

Stay at Easy Rider Ranch any time of the year in North Yucca. This home is a desert rose with its unique beauty and specific eye for design. The spacious layout makes the house feel open and large like you’re taking up more than just a corner of the desert. It’s glamorous and luxurious but doesn’t let you forget that the raw beauty of the desert is the true star. So come visit and spend your time in the desert in comfort and beauty.