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Like many places that are close with nature, Joshua Tree is a wonderful place to visit during autumn. The changing of the season always brings about gorgeous temperatures and eye-catching sunsets that compliment desert sightseeing and tours that are sure to impress. The area also has a rich art and music culture, often bringing through music festivals and open studio tours through the many local art galleries. Naturally, if you’re visiting right around Halloween in Joshua Tree, there are plenty of fall themed events to check out, especially if you’re looking to see how the season inspires the artistic community.

Live Music

Joshua Tree and the surrounding area have a good chunk of locations that routinely host live bands, especially on the weekends, which are absolutely worth the visit. If you’re looking to hear what the local musicians have going on while you’re in town, consider checking out these locations.

Pappy and Harriet’s, though a short drive out to Pioneertown, hosts live music every weekend. Like the rest of the buildings in its area, Pappy and Harriet’s has the rustic look of an old west town, having been built as part of a Hollywood filmset back in the 1940s. This old west vibe makes for a perfect backdrop with the desert and is a choice location for drinks and entertainment.

The Joshua Tree Saloon is a perfect spot to stop in while coming or going to the National Park, especially if you’re looking for live entertainment. They host local musicians on the weekends, and sporadically during the week, so check on their online calendar to see if they’ve got someone playing during your fall visit.

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The Joshua Tree Music Festival

From Friday, Oct. 7th to Sunday, Oct. 10th, the Joshua Tree Music Festival is hosting a large lineup of bands in a Covid conscious environment. Though they’re running fewer concurrent events than usual and limiting attendance, it’s absolutely worth getting a ticket to experience days’ worth of stunning live performances in a thoughtfully constructed outdoor venue.

The festival is an all-ages friendly experience, and always draws a crowd as diverse as the range of genres that are performed there. Festival runners pride themselves on bringing in up-and-coming artists, and many previous players have gone on to become Grammy winning or nominated artists. Take the chance to see the next big act before they blow up and hit the scene.

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Witness the Changing of the Season

Joshua Tree National Park is a perfect destination for catching the desert in seasonal bloom. Autumn and winter are one of the two times of year where desert plants are in season, adding that extra splash of color. You can experience the park at your own pace, naturally, but there’s no shortage of tours, guided nature walks, and even workshops dedicated to photographing the desert sky by night to see the stars. There are so many options and destinations for visitors of all skill levels.

The Morongo Basin Orchid Festival

Happening early in October, the Morongo Basin Orchid Festival is a large gathering with wine tasting, food, live music, plenty of great photo opportunities, and, of course, orchids. Between gorgeous greenhouse tours and a judged contest that has open entry to the public, there’s a lot to see when all of the orchids are in seasonal bloom. There’s even an orchid class where you take home your own flower or arrangement at the end.

If you plan on going to the festival, make sure you check out their schedule of events for both days, as you’ll have the chance to participate in multiple classes, see different live bands each day, and participate in unique viewings of the greenhouse, both self-guided and directed. This is one of the best things to do for Halloween in Joshua Tree!

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See the Park and Experience the Wonderful People

Joshua Tree is a place filled with hospitable people and great entertainment, and the National Park is among the best spots to safely and comfortably experience the majesty of the desert. Whether you’re planning on visiting to see one or both, Hi-Desert Dwellings has the right size property to accommodate your stay. Visit us online to book your stay and get in touch with Joshua Tree.