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There’s nothing quite like a desert escape—stretching, rust-colored vistas dotted by alien-looking plant life, rugged mountains that seem to go for miles, and color-popping sunsets that have to be seen to be believed. There’s no better place this vision comes to life than in Joshua Tree, California, gateway to the world-famous Joshua Tree National Park. Here you can spend your days traversing the trails of the park, discovering hidden gems at secret turns, and take the evening to stargaze from the comfort of your back porch hot tub. When you’re not exploring the natural wonders the area has to offer, you’ll find plenty to experience in town, from delicious local cafes to southwestern antique shops. For those dreaming of Fall Activities in Joshua Tree, California, we have the perfect property for you: JT Desert Escape!  

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Fall Activities in Joshua Tree, California

This 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home is ideal for a little getaway with friends or family, giving you everything you need for a flawless vacation at just the right size. If you’re the type that craves adventure just outside your door, this property is on 5 acres of land, surrounded by a fence—so explore to your heart’s content! In this property, you’ll easily enjoy the highlights of warm weather living, with a gorgeous backyard that includes a hot tub and cowboy tub style pool. Hiking trails are only a few minutes away, and you’ll never be far from discovering the eateries and shops of Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley. Welcome to JT Desert Escape!  

Bright Spaces with a Southwestern Flair 

Step into the front door, and you’ll be in a spacious and well-appointed living area with exposed wooden beams on the ceiling that give the space a hacienda-style vibe. The space is an open concept and also includes the kitchen and living area further in. Yellow painted walls create a peaceful atmosphere primed for relaxation, and a large living room rug provides the space with a homey feel. A plush couch faces a large flat-screen TV, where you can sit and unwind after a day out in the desert. Throughout the room, you’ll find tastefully done décor, and completing the space is a charming two-seater table near the front window—a great spot to take your morning coffee, or to sit with your favorite reading material.  

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Relax with All the High-Quality Amenities You Need 

Continue onward and you’ll come across the fully equipped kitchen and the dining area. The kitchen simultaneously gives an upscale yet homey feel, with bright cabinetry, sleek countertops, and high-quality appliances. Colorful accents throughout the area make it a welcoming space, along with decorative plants above the cabinets. With such a well-equipped kitchen, you can easily whip up a nutritious breakfast at a moment’s notice or spend the afternoon planning a gourmet homemade meal with ingredients from a local market. On the other side of the countertop, there are four high-top chairs, giving you an extra spot to indulge in quick snacks or keep the cook company. The dining table can seat four and is just off the kitchen next to the French doors that lead out to the backyard.  

Enjoy the Best of Desert Living 

Enter the backyard to find yourself on a charming deck, with a covered seating area with high-quality outdoor furniture on one side, and the cowboy tub-style pool on the other side, also conveniently covered. Relax at the sitting area with amazing desert views or have a splash in the pool after a morning hike. It’s a small dipping pool that is filled with water and then drained between each guest and can be a great way to cool off from the desert heat. Just off the deck, you’ll find the BBQ grill—grill up a homecooked meal beneath a fiery sunset, and dine al fresco on the deck. At night, little white lights strung along the deck give the outdoor area a warm ambiance. If you’re visiting during the colder season or when the evenings are chilly, there is a hot tub just off the back porch, along with an outdoor firepit—both excellent spots for stargazing!  

Comfy Bedrooms for a Restful Retreat 

Inside, the two bedrooms are furnished with queen-sized beds, giving your group ample sleeping space. The first has a lovely window that overlooks the desert scenery, giving the room a bright and open feel. The second offers a small desk perfect for using your computer or writing and also has French doors that lead out to the back deck. With complimentary Wi-Fi to stay connected on your devices, this home has it all for a Joshua Tree getaway!  

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Joshua Tree, California is an amazing vacation destination year-round but there’s something particularly inviting about a summer getaway this direction. When you can’t wait to savor the sights and make the most of the seasonal fun, let this be your ultimate guide to an unforgettable stay at Joshua Tree in the summer!

Activities to Enjoy in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is an iconic place to explore with good reason and well worth your time to visit when you head this way in the summer. Not only is the terrain mesmerizing, but there’s always something new to discover when you know where to look. Whether you’re one for taking to the trails, exploring by vehicle or you can’t wait to make the most of the beauty of the summer evening hours, Joshua Tree National Park is packed with options for customized fun!

Trees in the Joshua Tree National Forest

Start with a Ranger-Led Program

If it’s your very first summer visiting scenic Joshua Tree National Park, participating in one of the many ranger-led chats or tours available is always a great idea! Not only do these events provide incredible insight into park specifics but it’s a good way to get idea for expanding your experiences within the park itself during your visit. While these ranger chats and tours change month by month, some of the most popular events include Key Ranch tours, guided hikes, and talks that cover everything from the wildlife that call Joshua Tree National Park home to the specifics on the trees that gave the park the name in the first place! No matter what even you decide to participate in, you’re sure to be in for an engaging and educational treat from start to finish. Ranger-led events tend to run anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half at a time.

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Take a Geology Tour Road Drive

It’s no secret that temperatures tend to soar in Joshua Tree over the summer months. That said, those intense temperatures don’t have to stop you from making the most of safe and exciting sightseeing opportunities in the park. When it’s too warm to walk, jump in your air-conditioned vehicle and consider taking a Geology Tour Road drive instead! This 18-mile route runs through the many dynamic landscapes that make up Joshua Tree National Park and offers up stunning views for tourists. Along the way, there are a variety of lookout points where you can pull over and take pictures and admire the view too. Those who choose to explore the entire length of Geology Tour Road will want to be sure to set aside around two hours total for the experience and will want to be sure they’re settled into a four-wheel drive vehicle in order to maneuver parts of the route that are a bit more demanding than most passenger vehicles would handle.

Explore Cottonwood Spring Oasis

Within Joshua Tree National Park, time spent exploring Cottonwood Spring Oasis this summer could end up being the highlight of your visit! The spring was originally formed in the earth due to earthquake activity and was subsequently used by the Cahuilla Indians for centuries afterwards. The spring sits just about seven miles from the south entrance to Joshua Spring National Park and is a captivating landmark to encounter where visitors have previously found artifacts of Cahuilla life in the area including ollas, clay pots and even bedrock mortars. The spring has also played a vital role in hydrating miners and prospectors through the years looking to make a living off of gold discoveries. For that reason, the spring also hosts the remains of old-fashioned gold mils which required a robust water supply for processing and can still be viewed to this day to some degree. Those who visit Cottonwood Spring Oasis in the summer who have a passion for birding will find that this is one of the absolute best places in the park to spot a variety of winged species. You really only need to take a seat, pull out the binoculars and give it a few minutes to land on an incredible variety of bird or two in the area! For a fun way to end the day, consider visiting Cottonwood Spring as evening closes in. This area is notorious for offering up some truly breathtaking sunset views if you stick around until the sun goes down. Participating in this part of the adventure comes with the added benefit of cooler evening temperatures to enjoy as well.

Visit Skull Rock

While Joshua Tree National Park is filled with iconic landmarks to explore, travelers visiting Joshua Tree in summer won’t want to miss out on seeing one of the most identifiable of them all while they’re in the area—Skull Rock. This incredible boulder is named for the human skull it resembles. It’s a highly accessible landmark within the park so even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, it’s easy to fit into your itinerary. While the boulder can be seen from some of the main park boulevards, those excited to get up a bit closer will find both the Jumbo Rocks Campground and the Live Oak Picnic Area to be great options to viewing. Many summer visitors with a Skull Rock stop on their to-do list head this way later in the day when the sun is lower in the sky, temperatures are more comfortable, and the contrasting colors makes for a great shadow display across the landmark. If you stick around long enough, you’ll likely find that plenty of visitors have stopped by specifically to enjoy stargazing from this destination as well!

Keep an Eye Open for Bighorn Sheep at Barker Dam

If you happen to be an early riser and you’re looking to start your day with time in Joshua Tree National Park at least one day this summer, heading to Barker Dam is a good place to begin your adventure. An early morning visit is a great time to get a possible glimpse of the Bighorn sheep that call this area home! Barker Dam also hosts a trail by the same name that provides a good path for viewing. It’s only a little over a mile long and enjoys minimal elevation changes. Within the span of an hour, it can be fully traversed and provide great access to incredible views. You’ll want to have your camera ready in case you do come across those inspiring wildlife moments!

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Hiking Fun

Many travelers with their sights set on a summer trip to Joshua Tree do so with every intention of setting aside time to lace up their boots and hit the trails in scenic style. While Joshua Tree has long been loved for its amazing landscapes that provide novice and experienced hikers alike with incredible routes to check out, summer is a season that demands a bit more planning when it comes to hiking adventures. That said, it’s still one of the most popular activities to enjoy this time of year, as long as you think and pack ahead with purpose. Summer in Joshua Tree is nothing less than hot. However, it’s worth planning a safe and exciting hike route for those who understand the challenges that await.

No matter what route you’re planning to hike in Joshua Tree this summer, you’ll want to be sure you’ve packed an impressive amount of sunscreen and water. There are areas along most hiking routes through and around Joshua Tree that ironically lack that tree shade you might expect in the name. That means it’s important and more often than not, vital that you are well protected from harsh rays and have packed enough water to stay hydrated both out and back along your route with extra to spare. It’s also important to keep in mind that cell service can be less than ideal in some of the more remote places throughout the park. This makes hiking in pairs and giving others a heads up on your trekking plans a must before hitting the trails. Also do keep in mind that in most cases, dogs aren’t allowed on Joshua Tree trails. This is a rule set up in the name of maintaining the integrity of the landscape. It goes hand-in-hand with leaving no trace of your adventures—a rule outdoor adventurers from near and far tend to hold dear with good reason.

In the event that even an early morning hike is accompanied by rising summer temperatures, setting your sights on manageable and short routes is always the best way to maximize the fun. The Cholla Cactus Garden Hike through Joshua Tree National Park is a great route to choose in this scenario. At just .25-miles long, this hike includes minimal elevation fluctuations and only requires 30-minutes to complete. It’s an easy route for hikers of all skill levels that runs along the eastern side of the park. Much as the name indicates, hikers will enjoy views of the iconic Cholla Cactus along the way! If you have some time to spare and temperatures are still in your favor, consider hiking the Hidden Valley Trail too. This route is a mile long and is also rated easy for hikers. The elevation change is only 100 feet, and it takes about an hour to complete in total. This is a popular route through Joshua Tree National Park in the summer that features inspiring desert scenery as well as massive boulders and options to spot reptiles scurrying around as well.

Amazing Restaurants to Discover

A trip to Joshua Tree in the summer is bound to come with a long list of outdoor activities travelers are excited to check off. However, it’s also inevitable that these activities will lead to impressive appetites to attend to! Fortunately, the Joshua Tree area is filled with fantastic and flavorful eateries to enjoy that are well-worth checking out while you’re in the area. Among them is Dillon’s Burgers & Beers. Located at 49574 Twentynine Palms Highway, Dillon’s burgers & Beers is a must when you’re looking to curb a craving or two. This restaurant sits within reach of Palm Springs within the town of Morongo Valley. It’s a laid-back burger joint where it’s easy to settle in, enjoy mountain views and make the most of menu options that range from veggie burgers and double cheeseburgers to chicken burgers and even bison burgers! No matter what you order up, you’re going to want to be sure to pair it with a side of fries and an ice-cold beer to match. Sides like the coleslaw and tater tots also come highly recommended.

The Red Dog Saloon is another savory and inviting options when you can’t wait to enjoy a delicious meal this summer. This cowboy-themed stop is found at 53539 Mane Street within the area known and loved as Pioneertown. While this destination once served as a Hell’s Angels biker bar, it now enjoys its southwest-infused vibe where guests will find an impressive listing of Tex-Mex selections to choose from and enjoy. Options here range from beef brisket tacos and fresh margaritas to chips and queso to go along with savory quesadillas just to name a few.

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Areas to Stay

A Joshua Tree summer adventure is something everyone should enjoy and when you’re looking for a nearby place to settle into while visiting, Yucca Valley is always inspiring. Just under seven miles from Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley is an inviting place to book a vacation rental at an elevation of 3,300 feet. This area is known for its beautiful desert terrain, starry evening skies and friendly atmosphere. It’s very much considered the gateway to Joshua Tree National Park, but also enjoys its own highlights to discover. Yucca Valley has a rich western history that it puts on display while also maintaining a thriving business scene that brings the area into the modern age flawlessly.

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When you visit the desert, you may expect an endless array of sunny days, a landscape dotted with cactus, and temperatures that are more than a little higher than those you are used to in your hometown, and generally, when you visit Joshua Tree, that is what you get. What you might not expect, however, is that one rare day when the skies open up and the rain falls to the ground in a seemingly endless display of showers. If this happens to you while you are exploring the wonders of Joshua Tree and staying in one of our Hi-Desert Dwellings escapes, you should count yourself as one of the lucky ones as you slow down your pace, take a whiff of the rain-soaked desert, and enjoy any or all of these rainy day activities in Joshua Tree!

Slow Down

Even on vacation we have a tendency to rush here and there, determined to see all and do all the area has to offer in the woefully limited amount of time we have, but when the rain falls, it is almost as if it is nature’s way of telling us to slow down and enjoy the journey! Our desert escapes are designed to embrace your new pace, and if you find yourself sleeping late, staying in your pajamas even later, and dawdling over a fresh pot of brewed coffee on a dark and rainy day, we are happy we could contribute to your time of idleness! Days like these are meant for curling up in an oversized chair with a good book, taking long naps on super soft sofas, and for being present in the moment. There are no meetings that need to be attended, no chores to be done, and if you are hungry, we are proud of our fully equipped kitchens, but if you choose to enjoy a breakfast cooked and served by someone else, well, our next paragraph will lead you in the right direction!

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At the Crossroads

No, we aren’t discussing the direction your life is leading you, but WE are leading you to the wonderful comfort foods found at the Crossroad Café, located at 61715 Twentynine Palms Highway. Breakfast is served all day at this rustic-looking spot in the middle of the desert, and the friendly staff at Crossroad Café serves the dishes we have loved since childhood, including biscuits and gravy, spicy Southwestern style omelets, and sweet pancakes that are light and fluffy. Sitting at one of their tables with a full plate in front of you, your family surrounding you, and the skies visibly weeping outside is a scene you are not likely to forget any time soon!

Roadside Attractions for the Win

What do the world’s largest otter, the world’s largest thermometer, and the World Famous Crochet Museum have in common with each other? They are all roadside attractions that offer a fun break in your traveling time! The World Famous Crochet Museum, located at 61855 CA-62 in Joshua Tree, is inside a converted photo hut and offers a small collection of unusual crocheted items, including a crocheted wine bottle cover, pillows, and even a crocheted Oreo cookie! Take a few minutes out of your rainy day to explore the kitschy wonders found inside and be sure to take a picture while you are there. The museum’s biggest claim to fame is having the honor of its photos being discovered all over the world; there is even a photo of the converted photo shop on the walls of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris!

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Treat Yourself Better

As we rush about in real life, taking our kids to the doctor, fixing dinner for the family, or typing up a report for our boss, there is one thing for which we never seem to take the time, and that is ourselves! When was the last time you had a massage, a facial, or took the time to explore alternative health treatments such as Reiki or guided meditation? The slow pace of a rainy day in the desert almost demands that you take some time for yourself with a visit to the Naturalives Day Spa at 6448 Hallee Road #8 to explore all of the above and so much more! Breathe deep and live naturally as the talented staff make your relaxation dreams come true and when it is time to leave the spa and return to your vacation home away from home, a little rain won’t even seem to matter!

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However you spend your daylight hours in Joshua Tree, spending your nights with us will be the highlight of your California adventures! Reserve your stay with us today!

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Those looking to reconnect with nature, no matter the time of year, should consider a vacation in Joshua Tree. Best known for the stunning National Park by the same name, the surrounding town also offers fun entertainment, dining, and arts that are sure to delight any visitor. For your upcoming 4th of July getaway, consider a non-traditional vacation destination and spend the weekend in the breathtaking Joshua Tree area. Whether you are looking to camp out in nature or spend time in the town living like a local, there is plenty to do in Joshua Tree that is sure to keep you busy. Keep reading to find out about our favorite events and activities to enjoy during the Joshua Tree 4th of July celebration!

Stay Safe for the 4th in Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is one of our nation’s most beautiful natural locations, and millions of visitors flock here to spend the day in the park or even camp overnight. If you are considering a trip into the National Park for the 4th of July weekend, you want to be sure you are prepared for a safe and fun trip! A campfire is a classic park of any camping trip but be sure to check for any fire restrictions before your trip and follow all designated guidelines. If you are able to have a fire, be sure to use the fire rings provided and never leave the fire unattended. Also be sure to completely put out the fire before you leave the campsite. Also, although it may be tempting to celebrate the holiday with fireworks, these are prohibited in the National Park due to the fire risk. You can still enjoy the beauty of nature during your 4th of July camping trip but be sure to do so safely!

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If you aren’t planning to camp overnight, but are considering a day trip or hike, make sure you do so safely as well. Cell phone coverage is not available throughout most of the National Park, which is great for reconnecting with nature. However, be sure to tell someone where you are planning to hike and when you plan to return as a safety precaution. You’ll also want to bring a hat, sunscreen, plenty of water, ample food, and be sure to wear loose, light colored clothing and proper shoes. All of this will help you stay safe and ensure that you have fun!

Joshua Tree Farmers’ Market

One of the most popular activities in Joshua Tree for 4th of July weekend is the Joshua Tree Farmers Market! Held every Saturday from 8am to 1pm, this certified farmers’ market ensures that everything sold here is locally grown or made. Shop fresh produce, flowers, and locally made crafts! Located off of Highway 62, East of Park Blvd, it is easy to find no matter where you are staying in Joshua Tree. It’s the perfect chance to live like a local during your 4th of July weekend!

Milky Way Photography Workshop

The National Park offer stunning scenic views during the day, but it is also a fantastic destination for stargazing and night time photography. During your 4th of July getaway, consider booking a photography workshop that teaches you all the tips and tricks of night time photography to take your photos to the next level. Learn how to photograph the night sky like a professional, including how to edit your photos to make the most of them. Spend the night in the National Park, beginning about three or four hours before sunset and take photographs until midnight under the guidance of a professional. Then, you’ll spend the next morning reviewing and processing your photos. All skills levels are welcome, whether you are a novice or an avid photographer looking to improve your skills.

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Joshua Tree Art Walk

In addition to great natural views, Joshua Tree is also known for its many art galleries, featuring local art inspired by the beauty of the National Park. Although individual tours of the galleries are currently unavailable due to local gathering restrictions, you can make your own tour by heading to the many galleries located in downtown Joshua Tree. Support local art during your holiday weekend!

Live Music at the Joshua Tree Saloon

Although spending a quiet evening in the National Park or an afternoon at the farmers’ market or art gallery, you may want to get a little rowdy for 4th of July! If so, then enjoy an evening of live music and great food at the Joshua Tree Saloon. The evening of July 4th, enjoy live music from local legends Arroyo Rogers. Enjoy one of the 14 cold beers they have on tap while doing the two-steps to your favorite country classics and even hear some original songs. It’s a fun way to celebrate the holiday weekend in Joshua Tree!

No matter how you plan to spend the holiday, booking one of our spacious vacation rentals is sure to elevate your getaway.

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