Fall in California sees a decline in temperatures, with the chillier conditions producing bright foliage displays. After the peak Summer season, Fall provides a more laidback vacation experience, with visitor numbers dwindling. The attractive desert community of Joshua Tree is one of The Golden State’s fastest-growing vacation spots offering diverse thrills and attractions. Here’s why a fall vacation in Joshua Tree is worth it. 

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Why the Fall is the Perfect Time to Vacation in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is arguably one of the town’s standout attractions, covering an expansive 1,200-square-mile region. The park offers a rich biodiversity with numerous animal species, including 57 mammalian species, over 250 bird species, 46 reptilian species, and diverse invertebrates. The park’s most famous plant species include Ocotillo, California Fan Palm, Cactus, and Creosote Bush. The park also features several geological structures, including rocky canyons and granite monoliths created by erosion and tectonic movements over the years. The park’s most renowned areas include Cottonwood Spring, Black Rock Canyon, Skull Rock, Covington Flats, and Keys View. Learn more about the park’s history in the museum, including American Indian tribes who occupied the park in the late 19th century. 

Epic Stargazing Excursions 

Many suburbs in America suffer from light pollution, making stargazing rather arduous. Joshua Tree lies in the Mojave Desert, far from densely-populated cities, making it an excellent spot to gaze at the starry canvas of the night sky. The best time to go stargazing is on a cloudless, moonless night, so check with a weather and moon-phase app. Before heading out for your night under the stars, there are a few basics you’ll need to carry. Firstly, pack a red-light flashlight. Why? The human eye takes roughly half an hour to adjust to low light as the eye builds up higher levels of the photo receptor Rhodopsin. Conventional flashlights degrade Rhodopsin build-up, giving you weaker night vision. Secondly, pack a snack and water if you plan on staying out for a few hours. Energy-rich foods such as granola bars, Oreos, Cheeze-Its, and dried fruit can help mitigate late-night hunger. Also, dress in warm layers of clothing, with Joshua Tree nighttime Fall temperatures falling as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Take your stargazing adventure to the next level by carrying a telescope for an up-close view of the constellations. 

Splendid Culinary Options 

Joshua Tree is home to a delightful culinary scene with several restaurants serving delicious menus. La Copine offers a variety of new American cuisine. Enjoy the delicious Salmon Smörgåsbord, the Red Eye Ribs, the Chicken Agrodolce, and more! They also offer a variety of desserts you’re sure to enjoy including beignets with a brown sugar coffee glaze and a ricotta panna cotta with fresh figs and black pepper honey. The Kitchen in the Desert offers Trinidadian-infused cuisine, including beet and stone salad, Dan Dan noodles, lamb pops, and more. The restaurant opens at 7 AM daily and closes at 11 AM for breakfast and then opens again for dinner at 7 PM and closes for the night at 11 PM, making it a favorite among locals and vacationers. Tiny Pony Tavern lies at 57205 Twenty-Nine Palms Highway and offers a robust bar menu including, pony wings, duck confit nachos, shrimp tacos, wild boar sloppy joes, and more. The restaurant is mainly a bar and has a wide variety of drinks available such as house cocktails, draft beers, wine and much more. 

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Joshua Tree is one of California’s hidden gems offering numerous excursions for the ultimate Fall getaway. This delightful little town has epic thrills, from stargazing adventures and incredible wildlife species to sumptuous restaurants. Before heading out for your Fall getaway, it’s essential to have quality accommodation to ensure a stress-free stay. For all your rental needs, look no further than Hi Desert Dwellings. We offer diverse rentals, including hot tub properties, pet-friendly homes, work-from-home houses, and premier properties for a cozy Joshua Tree vacation. Contact us today to book your vacation rental and enjoy an unequaled Fall getaway in this California wonderland.